Swedish Massage


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The History of Body Massage

From the earliest of times, massage has been used by stroking or rubbing parts of our body that are experiencing pain. It is a universal instinct to rub ourselves when we are hurt.

Dating back 3000 years, the ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians have been known to use a massage. Those who could afford to do so were rubbed with olive oil after they bathed to help keep their joints and skin supple. This soon developed into a full body massage; in fact, Julius Caesar received massage to relieve his epilepsy.

In Africa and Asia massage has always been valued and used as a healer and is today used widely in the UK as a way to treat ill health, for relaxation and as a preventative.

Apart from the pampering aspect of the treatment, massage has many physiological and emotional benefits. The power of touch is huge and should not be underestimated as a luxury

Course Requirements: This online course is suitable for complete beginners and does not require any prior learning to be able to train with us.

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Course Content:

  • Hygiene, health, and safety
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Prepare the treatment area
  • Prepare the client for treatment
  • Carry out a client consultation
  • Carry out the treatment to a standard that meets the client’s requirements
  • Provide aftercare advice
  • Contraindications
  • Contra actions
  • Treatment procedure


A Certificate is issued upon successful completion of this accredited course and we will supply you with a direct link to reputable insurers.

Our training is accredited and insurable, requirements may vary from insurer to insurer so we ask all students to check with their own insurer before booking any courses.

Our Courses have been especially adapted and can be learned via our exclusive online training portal and in your own comfortable environment.

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